Nice to "meet" you.

We're Brian & Jena Becker, the owners of Becker Farms. We purchased the farm from Brian's family in the Fall of 2007. Since that time we have kept ourselves very busy with improvements and changes to the homestead. We've repaired buildings, torn a couple down, and put up a whole new barn. The house is work in progress as well. We have also added several acres of pasture, a large garden, fruit trees, and, of course, lots and lots of animals!

Brian splits his time between the farm and his full-time job in town. Jena stays home with our children and helps take care of the animals and garden.  In addition to raising livestock we also grow cash crops and hay at home and on some rented ground. Between work, crops, and animals our lives are pretty hectic but we treasure our time here on the farm. We welcome visitors to come and see what we have going on here. Please see the Contact Us page for more information, and thanks for stopping by!