rangers on pasture

One of our Colored Rangers soaking up the sun on pasture.

rangers in coop

The view from outside the fence:  lots of grass to hide and forage in, shelter and extra shade for protection.

Whole Chicken
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Farm Fresh Chicken: Raised on pasture.

We're offering whole fresh chickens for your table again this year. We raise only Colored Rangers, moderately fast growing meat birds that originate from heritage breeds. We do not raise any of the very large Cornish X birds. Our birds are very healthy and lively. They actively forage and do not suffer from the the health problems that tend to plague other breeds. The tradeoff is that they take a little longer to grow, therefore costing a little more to feed.

Our chickens spend their first weeks in a warm brooding area. As soon as they are old enough (around 3-4 weeks) they go out on pasture with lots of room to run and fresh greens and bugs to eat. There is a grain mix available at all times, made with locally grown corn. The chickens have a portable shelter to stay in at night and during inclement weather. Unlike some shelters, ours has a floor to further protect the birds from predators and flooding.

If you would like more information about our chickens please don't hesitate to Contact Us.