Available for pickup at the farm or in Caro

Farm Fresh Eggs: Once you taste 'em, you'll never go back.

Our laying flock currently consists of Buff Chanteclers (a heritage breed), Rhode Island Reds, and mix of Aracaunas. We select for hardiness and pleasant tempermants. They provide us with plenty of eggs for our family and for you. We now have a consistent supply of eggs available for customers who want them fresher than all the rest.

We built an "eggmobile" for the layers so that they can enjoy the pasture. Their coop is built right on to a small trailer. They have grain and water available at all times. They roost in their coop at night and in the morning come out to a large area of fresh grass. Their pasture area is enclosed with portable electric netting to keep the birds safe from predators. The eggmobile and portable fencing allow us to move the birds to fresh areas of the pasture as needed. Many studies have shown eggs from pastured hens to contain much higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

During the off season the hens move to our permanent coop that is warmer and much better protected from the elements.  They still have a large outdoor area for stretching their legs when they feel like it.

buff roo

A proud Buff Chantecler rooster, part of our laying flock.

two hollands

Two Barred Holllands, one going in, one coming out.